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Today, the NGINX Developer Relations team is pleased to share a substantial update to our nginx wiki.

For many years, members of the community have supported the NGINX team’s efforts with a wiki that provides additional documentation and a collection point for third-party resources. The incredible rate of adoption NGINX has enjoyed is due largely to community members led by Cliff Wells, who managed and contributed English content to the wiki when most of the official documentation for NGINX was still written and maintained in Russian.

In the last year or so, the platform which hosted this wiki was getting more spam than fresh content. There hadn’t been many substantial updates in a few releases and some of the information was badly out of date. The project we’re announcing today is the start of what we hope will be a revitalization of community content.

We’ve moved the most popular pages to a Github repository and updated them to reflect the current version of the software. We are also working to greatly expand the third-party module section, including documentation about creating modules for NGINX in the new world of dynamic modules that are expected late this year.

Please take a look and offer updates via pull requests and let’s keep evolving this content to meet the needs of our community.

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《NGINX 完全指南》2024 年最新完整版



Sarah Novotny

Head of Developer Relations

As Head of Developer Relations, Sarah Novotny provides community leadership and technical evangelism for NGINX. She brings a passion for open source, technology, and community building. With over 15 years of experience in a variety of roles, Sarah bridges the gap between the business world and the tech world.


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