Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

There’s less than a month left until nginx.conf 2016 happens in Austin, TX September 7–9. Sign up today for an All Access pass with this link for a $400 discount!

The conference will include specifics about recent NGINX news, including the use of NGINX Plus as a load balancer on AWS, the performance advantages of NGINX Plus over hardware ADCs, and getting the most out of the public beta of NGINX Amplify.

In recent posts, we’ve described the keynotes and NGINX talks and customer and partner talks you’ll enjoy at the conference. This post sums up some last‑minute additions, and highlights our Training Day.

Here are a few more of the exciting sessions coming up from NGINX partners and customers:

  • Conference Day 1: Wednesday, September 7 – Fail in Order to Succeed: Designing Microservices with Dragos Dascalita Haut from Adobe; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Build my Own CDN with Jamie Panagos of Time Warner Cable; Avoiding Future Failure with Better Postmortems from Matthew Williams of Datadog; and Microservices & API Gateways with Marco Palladino of Mashape.
  • Conference Day 2: Thursday, September 8 – HTTP/2 Theory and Practice in NGINX, featuring StackPath’s Nathaniel Moore; Building Your API for Longevity with Michael Stowe of MuleSoft; and Streaming HLS and DASH with NGINX by Seungyeob Choi of Verizon. Later in the day, learn about Scripting NGINX for Overload Protection from Justin Li of Shopify, The Future with a Fully Encrypted Web from April King at Mozilla, and CI and CD Release Pipelines for Dynamic Modules from Benji Taylor of Distil Networks.
  • Training Day: Friday, September 9 – The final day is our all‑NGINX optional training day with two tracks. NGINX Fundamentals in the morning, and NGINX Advanced in the afternoon, make up the first track. The second track is a full day on microservices, Microservice Network Architectures with NGINX Plus – and it’s filling up fast!

This is the final post in our series about nginx.conf 2016. Use your discount now!

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自 Macintosh 推出以来,Floyd Earl Smith 一直在参与应用开发,并撰写了 20 多本有关硬件和软件主题的书籍。他是 NGINX 博客的撰稿人之一,内容包括有关 NGINX 微服务参考架构(一种突破性的微服务框架)的多篇文章和线上讲座。


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