Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

For more than 21 years Java has been a workhorse in the IT industry. It has become the all‑purpose programming language used to create large monolithic enterprise applications. But as enterprises move towards microservices, which involves breaking down application logic into smaller components, does Java still have a place?

Though it may seem like a strange mix at first, combining battle‑hardened Java with emerging technologies like Docker and continuous delivery (CD) can make Java a powerful tool in microservices‑based application environments.

In this exclusive free O’Reilly report, industry veteran Daniel Bryant provides a practical guide to combining Java with the latest technologies to get the best of both worlds. He covers, in thorough detail, how to containerize Java applications, fit them into CD pipelines, and monitor them in production.

We hope that you enjoy this report, and that it helps you use Java in exciting new ways.

Download Containerizing Continuous Delivery in Java today.

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