Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Docker containers may be the hottest thing in software development. Containers make software development easier by combining an app and its environment into a single unit. Managing app dependencies becomes far easier.

In our recent survey of app developers, NGINX found that more than a third of developers are using containers in development and/or production – and nearly another third are investigating their use.

docker for java developers highlights the importance of using docker with your applications, especially for microservices management and NGINX for delivery

Now a new book, Docker for Java Developers, shows you how to get the most out of Docker containers when working in Java. According to a recent survey by New Relic, Java is “by far the most sought‑after programming skill in job ads – especially for enterprise positions”. Other measures of programming language popularity turn up the same result.

The ebook is written by Arun Gupta, a founding member of the Java EE team – first at Sun Microsystems, then at Oracle. Arun has served on the staff of JavaOne for 15 years, spoken at all major Java conferences, and inspired thousands to get the most out of Java and new technologies as well.

Along with Docker and Java, Arun highlights the use of NGINX and NGINX Plus, which bring strong advantages in “Dockerized” environments. Using these three technologies together delivers tremendous power – both for traditional development, and for taking advantage of the two hottest trends in computing:

  • Moving to the cloud. Moving to the cloud requires application portability, made far easier by Docker – and by the speed, flexibility, and power of NGINX.
  • Using microservices. Microservices multiply the number of software objects to be developed, deployed, and delivered, highlighting the importance of Docker for management and NGINX for delivery.

The ebook, 80 pages in length, covers all the vital topics:

  • Introduction to Docker – concepts, comparisons to other platforms (Kubernetes)
  • How to get started with Docker – creating your first image, container, and deployment
  • Docker and Java tooling
  • Deploying Java Apps with Docker and NGINX

Every Java developer knows that containers are changing the way Java applications are developed, deployed, and managed. To learn how to get the most out of Docker containers in a Java development environment, download the ebook today.

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