Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Over the past year web application attacks increased by 50% and DDoS attacks more than doubled, according to Akamai. The unfortunate truth is that everyone is now a potential target. As businesses become more dependent on applications and the data within them, the consequences of a security breach can be devastating.

To help prevent you from falling victim to an attack, we’re releasing the second part of our NGINX cookbook series for free download today. Authored in partnership with O’Reilly Media, it provides easy‑to‑follow recipes for protecting your applications using NGINX Open Source and our enterprise‑grade product, NGINX Plus.

NGINX Open Source has a number of great security features, such as the ability to make HTTP authentication subrequests and set up secure links with expiration dates. NGINX Plus adds in JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication and the NGINX ModSecurity WAF. All these features and more are covered in the NGINX Cookbook, Part 2, complete with sample configurations and detailed descriptions.

We hope that this cookbook helps secure your most critical apps. The third and final part of our NGINX cookbook series will be available soon and will cover NGINX from a deployment and operations perspective.

Download your free copy of the NGINX Cookbook, Part 2 today. If you haven’t already checked out the great tips on load balancing, caching, and high availability in Part 1, it’s still available too.

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Are Your Applications Secure?

Learn how to protect your apps with NGINX and NGINX Plus


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