Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

nginx.conf 2015 may be over, but your opportunities to enjoy great sessions from the event are not! Check out the links below to select full conference sessions, watch the keynotes, and get up to speed on the NGINX product releases we announced last week.

Watch Full nginx.conf Sessions On Demand

In advance of nginx.conf, we ran a four‑part preview series of full sessions from nginx.conf 2015. Check them out to see some of the great content you may have missed.

  • Building an HTTP Request Router with NGINX and Lua – With over 160,000 merchants, Shopify is one of the biggest commerce providers in the world. Watch this webinar to learn how Shopify has used NGINX and Lua together to achieve high performance with minimum latency and maximum resiliency.
  • Bringing Kubernetes to the Edge with NGINX Plus – Containers are being used to package and distribute modern web applications at a whole new scale. Kubernetes, the container cluster manager from Google, provides a way to deploy, manage, and scale these application containers, while providing rich features such as automated service discovery and self‑healing. Watch this webinar to see how NGINX Plus can help expose your applications running in Kubernetes to the world in a way that works across cloud and native environments.
  • Scaling Microservices with NGINX, Docker, and Mesos – Understanding how to run microservices at scale is a key success factor for modern organizations. If containers are shaping the way we think of packaging microservices, Mesos is shaping the way we think of running them in the cloud, and NGINX is providing solutions to help you. Watch this webinar to learn how NGINX can integrate with Docker and Mesos to help you design scalable architectures for exposing microservices in the cloud.
  • Correlating Metrics Across the Continuous Delivery Pipeline – Metrics have become a common language for developers, testers, operators, DBAs, and even business leaders. Used properly, metrics allow deep insight into what’s happening in your environment, revealing performance hot spots and errors along all stages of the development cycle. But as modern architectures become increasingly complex, and more and more subsystems are delivering metrics, correlating them can be quite a challenge. Watch this webinar to learn how to make the most of relevant metrics, transactional measures, and how to correlate all of this properly to gain the maximum benefit from monitoring in development, testing, and production.

nginx.conf Keynotes

Adoption of NGINX has skyrocketed over the past few years, and we’ve got our community to thank for it. Check out our keynotes to see what we’ve accomplished together, and where the product is going from here.

Stay Tuned for More Videos from nginx.conf…

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be releasing videos of full nginx.conf 2015 sessions. You can look forward to videos by the NGINX core development team on the upcoming features, and our user community doing exciting things like streaming the World Cup at 540 Gbps. You’ll also hear from enterprises like ING Bank and Adobe about how they use NGINX to scale and deliver their businesses globally. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as content is released!

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