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We at NGINX request the pleasure of your company at NGINX Conf 2018, the fourth annual NGINX conference. The dates are Monday, October 8 through Thursday, October 11, all in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Why Atlanta, and why October?

  • Atlanta, “the new cultural capital of America“, is the star of an award-winning show on FX and the major filming site for the movie Black Panther. Attractions include the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. Restaurants are world-class, and nightlife is rich and varied.
  • The weather should be great. The average daytime temperature for Atlanta in early October is a summery 75F (24C), with night-time lows “plunging” to about 55F (13C). Yes, that’s right: the lows in Atlanta may be warmer than the highs where you’re coming from.
  • Travel to Atlanta is easy, from anywhere in the US and around the world. Atlanta is a major transportation hub, named the world’s busiest airport for several years running, with direct flights from across the US and to places all over the world. (Recently added: a nonstop to Wakanda!)
  • The venue we’ve found to host NGINX Conf is – well, awesome. Stay tuned for details soon.

ATL adds direct flights to Wakanda
< In previous years, we called this event nginx.conf – a direct reference to the configuration files that make your NGINX instances hum – and held it the same week as Labor Day. You can see many of the sessions from previous years on the NGINX YouTube channel.

This year, we moved the date back a month, and changed the name a bit. Why the name change? Well, NGINX – the company – now offers much more than NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus, our commercial web and reverse proxy server.

At NGINX Conf 2018, you’ll get to see our expanded lineup of products, as well as new and upcoming features across our major software offerings:

  • NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus, our core software offerings, are currently in the process of adding HTTP/2 server push and gRPC support, needed for advanced service mesh architectures – with more new features to come.
  • NGINX Unit is the exciting new application server from NGINX, currently offering support for PHP, Python, Go, and Perl. Currently in version 0.6, NGINX Unit will be generally available in a few months.
  • NGINX Controller, which makes it easier to monitor and manage NGINX installations, was demoed at nginx.conf 2017. For NGINX Conf 2018, we’ll have several months of hands-on customer experience for the shipping version, which is coming soon.

You can also expect updates on, and demos of, the NGINX ModSecurity WAF Module, NGINX Ingress Controller, the NGINX Istio Service Mesh, the NGINX JavaScript Module, NGINX Amplify – and the NGINX Application Platform, which ties them all together.

At NGINX Conference, you get so many things you can’t get by staying home:

  • Demos and updates. We’ll show you what’s shipping and what’s on the way. At last year’s conference, new product demos and roadmap sessions attracted a full house.
  • How-to deep dives. NGINX employees, partners, and enthusiasts show you how to get the most out of NGINX offerings.
  • NGINX exhibitors. NGINX partners open up booths for you to visit during breaks, and these are a very popular feature of the conference.
  • NGINX training. Training sessions this year are likely to include our major software offerings and a reprise of our very popular session on NGINX module development.
  • NGINX engineers on booth duty. The “secret sauce” of the NGINX conference is always the chance to meet with NGINX engineers – including company founders and core developers of NGINX OSS and NGINX Plus, visiting from our Moscow office.

And, as a crucial benefit, everyone who comes – NGINX leadership and employees, partners, exhibitors, presenters, and conference and training attendees – gets to network with each other. Some of the best things that happen every year at our conference, and after, are the result of these informal meetings.

So, please save the dates: Monday, October 8 through Thursday, October 11 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Keep checking the conference home page for details. And sign up here for updates through the NGINX Newsletter.

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