Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

NGINX Plus Certified Module Extends Stealth Security Protection from Credential Exploits to More Than a Third of the Internet

At Stealth Security, it is our mission to enable enterprises to proactively protect their web application interfaces, including their web, mobile, and enterprise APIs, from credential exploits like account takeovers. According to the PYMNTS blog, “Account takeovers accounted for more than $2.3 billion in losses last year. That was a 61 percent increase in the money lost to fraudsters using the method compared to 2015, while there was a 31 percent increase in the amount of account takeover incidents compared to 2015.”

Earlier this month, NGINX, Inc. – company behind the application delivery platform that powers more than a third of the busiest sites on the Internet – announced the launch of NGINX Plus Certified Modules with Stealth Security as a charter certified module partner. We believe this is a great development for NGINX Plus users and partners, as it enables users to extend the power of NGINX Plus with trusted solutions that are tested and certified by NGINX, Inc. and supported by partners. We are proud to be one of the first partners to release a certified module, providing NGINX Plus users with support for Stealth Security’s flagship Detector product.

The NGINX Plus Certified Module from Stealth Security

Stealth Security’s Detector is an enterprise‑grade, purpose‑built solution which protects applications from all types of automated attacks and unwanted traffic at the NGINX Plus ingress layer, without the need for direct application integration. Detector is a standalone SaaS product that is part of the Stealth Security product stack, and runs independently of the NGINX Plus server. The NGINX Plus Certified Module from Stealth Security is part of that stack, acting as a sensor that collects transaction‑level information and sends it to Detector.

You can also optionally deploy an additional mitigation module along with Detector on the Stealth platform to receive attackers’ behavioral fingerprints from the Detector and inject a wide range of policy‑based mitigation and traffic management rules into NGINX Plus.

No “Bump in the Wire”

With the NGINX Plus Certified Module from Stealth Security, our customers avoid another ‘bump in the wire’ that can cause latency, manageability, and availability issues for web application services. The certified module directly integrates Stealth Security and NGINX Plus, so customers use the same NGINX Plus platform they already manage, but now with seamless protection by Stealth Security that automatically scales up and down with NGINX Plus.

Supports Multiple Deployment Models

The NGINX Plus Certified Module from Stealth Security supports all types of NGINX Plus deployments, for complete flexibility:

  • Web server – As NGINX Plus serves content to satisfy requests from client end points, Detector provides real‑time protection to incoming application traffic requests and responses directly from NGINX Plus.
  • Load balancer, reverse proxy, and SSL terminator – NGINX Plus acts as an application delivery load balancer or reverse proxy in front of the application or application service farm, protecting requests and responses to and from the backend application servers.

SSL and PFS-Friendly

NGINX Plus supports both SSL termination and SSL proxying, eliminating the need for out‑of‑band or passive SSL decryption and removing the security risks and operational burden of managing SSL keys on another node.

Stealth Security can also protect sites that have perfect forward secrecy (PFS) enabled in front of the application on the NGINX Plus load balancer or all the way to the NGINX Plus web server.


NGINX, Inc. has done an outstanding job in creating a platform powerful and flexible enough to easily enable Stealth Security to integrate our security platform with NGINX Plus, enabling cutting‑edge protection throughout the application delivery stack. Together, NGINX Plus and the Stealth Security certified module can significantly reduce the risk of of account takeover and credential exploits.

To learn more about the NGINX Plus Certified Module program and the Stealth Security Detector module integration, see Announcing NGINX Plus Certified Modules and the Stealth Security module download page.

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