Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus


Layer 7 DoS attacks are a new and increasingly common threat to app performance and security. You need protection that integrates easily into your infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines, learns from observing user and app behavior, and doesn't affect performance even during an attack.

NGINX 是现代应用的性能基础

Our goal at NGINX has always been to provide the foundation our customers and community need to deliver modern apps. Based on Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs for humans, here we show how NGINX offerings satisfy an app's hierarchy of needs at multiple levels.

借助 NGINX App Protect 保护 gRPC API

NGINX App Protect secures gRPC APIs by detecting malicious data in message headers and payloads, nested and complex data structures included. Define security policies in gRPC IDL files, and NGINX App Protect applies them immediately with no changes to its configuration.