Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Amir Rawdat

Job title : 解决方案工程师
Company : F5
Amir Rawdat

Amir Rawdat is a technical marketing engineer at NGINX, where he specializes in content creation of various technical topics. He has a strong background in computer networking, computer programming, troubleshooting, and content creation. Previously, Amir was a customers applications engineer at Nokia.

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使用 NGINX 应用平台构建并安全交付 API

The NGINX Application Platform accelerates application delivery from code to customer with a comprehensive API delivery solution that spans from creation of API functions through their delivery to end users. Step-by-step instructions for configuring NGINX Controller and NGINX Unit are provided.

NGINX 与 Avi:在云平台的性能对比

In performance tests of reverse proxies running in a cloud environment, NGINX Plus consistently outperformed Avi Vantage Service Engine across a range of request rates and file sizes, in terms of both efficient CPU usage and response latency.