Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Faisal Memon

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Faisal Memon
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NGINX Service Mesh 中的 mTLS 架构

较之单体架构的应用,微服务之间的东西向通信需要在网络上传输更多的数据。使用双向 TLS (mTLS) 加密并验证这些通信内容十分重要。这篇文章中,我们深入阐述了 NGINX Service Mesh 是如何实施 mTLS 的。

借助 NGINX JavaScript 模块实现虚拟补丁

This blog, based on a real customer use case, explains how to use the NGINX JavaScript module to apply a "virtual patch" for a problem in a backend application that can't be modified. In this case, the app couldn't process HTTP requests with lowercase method names.