Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Jason Benedicic

Job title : Cloud/DevOps/Automation Consultant
Company : TDCB Consulting
Jason Benedicic

Jason Benedicic has been a professional consultant for over 10 years with 20 years in the IT industry, based in Cambridge, UK. He works with customers to design IT solutions that meet a variety of needs, including backup, virtualization, cloud storage, and containerization. As an expert in building and managing cloud services and professional services infrastructure, he has experience working in all areas of business from sales cycle through to support. Additional interests include digital ethics, influencing, marketing, strategy, and business processes. Outside of the technology industry, he enjoys cycling and all forms of gaming.

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Why Speed Matters in Modern APIs

Guest blogger Jason Benedicic describes several use cases from his daily life where real-time API performance is key to a satisfactory interaction with the app: his favorite dinner-delivery service, his home office with automated controls for lighting and connectivity, and his online-only bank.