Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Jenn Gile

Job title : Manager, Product Marketing for NGINX
Company : F5
Jenn Gile
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如何选择 Service Mesh(服务网格)

NGINX Service Mesh 现已正式投入生产!NGINX Service Mesh 是免费的、针对开发人员优化的,并且提供了最简单的方法来实现 mTLS ,以及 Kubernetes 中东西向( service 到 service )流量和南北向( ingress 和 egress )流量的端到端加密。

如何提高 Kubernetes 环境的可视性

有两种类型的可视化数据可以提供关于应用和 Kubernetes 性能的关键洞察。阅读本文了解 NGINX Ingress Controller 和 NGINX Service Mesh 内置的监控工具如何帮助您在诊断现实问题时提高可视性。

欢迎来到 Mircroservice March 微服务之月!

Microservices March is a month-long virtual festival of microservices activities here at NGINX. Whether you’re already using Kubernetes in production or your interest is just blossoming, you’re sure to find sessions to pique your interest. Check out the schedule on our blog!

生产级 Kubernetes 助您降低复杂性

我们解释了生产级 Kubernetes 如何解决部署基于容器化微服务的应用程序的挑战,包括文化、复杂性和安全性。 除了 Kubernetes 基础设施之外,您还需要一个可扩展的 Ingress 控制器、WAF 和服务网格。


Automation is essential to delivering modern digital experiences. We've created four video demos showing how to automate deployment of NGINX Plus and NGINX App Protect, NGINX Controller, an NGINX Plus data plane using Controller, and GSLB using F5 DNS Cloud Services.


We explore some difficulties in developing cloud-native apps, and explain how NGINX software helps you solve them by reducing tool sprawl, controlling costs with lightweight solutions, and enabling SecOps to provide DevOps with self-service security that integrates into CI/CD pipelines.

Red Hat 与 NGINX 结合使用的优势

NGINX and Red Hat are deepening their relationship to bring you secure, scalable, and supported application delivery – no matter where you are on the journey from monolithic apps to microservices. Learn about our combined solutions for enterprise-grade Kubernetes, faster release cycles, and secure apps.

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