Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Karthik Krishnaswamy

Job title : Director, Product Marketing for NGINX
Company : F5
Karthik Krishnaswamy
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借助高级安全防护强化 API

The NGINX Controller App Security add-on for Controller API Management provides an app-centric, self-service way for app teams to boost their API security with integrated WAF protection. Security teams can still define policies and monitor APIs for compliance.

NGINX Controller 助力 DevOps 的 API 管理

As use of DevOps practices grows, traditional API management solutions are failing to provide the tools for creating modern digital experiences powered by APIs. NGINX Controller is built for DevOps, with a decoupled design that decreases latency, multi-cloud support, self-service, and more.

内部 API 管理的最佳实践

Internal APIs are the real powerhouse of the API economy. We review some of their key benefits (efficiency and cost savings among them) and outline best practices, which include using an API management solution and high-performance API gateways, and decoupling the control and data planes.

实时 API:来自真实世界的故事

Three NGINX customers replaced a legacy API management solution with NGINX Controller. We highlight the challenge faced by each customer and how Controller solves it, while delivering self-service, super-low latencies, and integration of API management into CI/CD pipelines.

实时 API 参考架构

本文将讨论 API 网关架构的主要特征、如何部署 API 网关以及我们从合作经验中提炼出来的实时 API 参考架构。我们将对 API 管理解决方案进行全面描述,并深入介绍负责确保满足实时性能阈值的 API 网关。

实时 API 如何助力我们的日常生活

Many popular mobile apps rely on "real-time" APIs, which can process an API call end-to-end in under 30 milliseconds. Explore many real-world examples -- ride hailing, cashierless stores, credit card fraud detection, and IoT -- and learn why you need NGINX, the only real-time API solution.

如何不在 3 秒内失去客户

Today's users demand flawless online experiences more than ever before. But the required app delivery infrastructure can be too complex to manage cost-effectively. Streamline your infrastructure with an end-to-end solution from F5 that includes NGINX software.