Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Karthik Krishnaswamy

Job title : Director, Product Marketing for NGINX
Company : F5
Karthik Krishnaswamy
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NGINX Unit:用于现代应用的服务器

NGINX Unit is a key component in our modern platform spans from code to customer: it's configured dynamically via API for no app downtime; it can run apps written in multiple languages and versions at the same time; its small footprint makes it ideal for microservices and deployable on any infrastructure.

NGINX API 管理解决方案隆重推出

The NGINX Controller API Management Module is next-generation solution for defining and publishing APIs, managing and securing API traffic, monitoring performance, and analyzing usage. In short, it manages the entire lifecycle of APIs without compromising performance.

什么是 API 管理?

What is API management? It covers all the functions you perform on your APIs across their life cycle, including definition and publishing, securing and managing traffic, monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure customer satisfaction, and analyzing traffic to maximize business value.