Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Libby Meren

Job title : Principal Technical Program Manager
Company : F5
Libby Meren
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我们谈论的现代应用到底是什么? 本文描述了现代应用必须具备的四个关键特征(可扩展性、可移植性、弹性和敏捷性)以及指导开发现代应用的六条原则。

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R23

NGINX Plus R23 introduces new features including health checks for backend gRPC servers, unprivileged installation, support for the OpenID Connect PKCE extension, finer-grained control over TLS connections, a new method of setting cookie flags, and NGINX JavaScript enhancements.

隆重宣布举办首届 NGINX 黑客马拉松

The first NGINX for Good hackathon takes place September 14-17, 2020, coinciding with the NGINX Sprint virtual conference. Working with a team, you'll build a website or application that helps others. The winning app will be hosted by NGINX for six months.

正式推出 NGINX 1.18 和 1.19

我们正式推出 NGINX 开源版的最新分支——稳定 1.18 分支和主线 1.19 分支。稳定分支的新功能包括用于请求速率和连接限制的试运行模式、防止时序攻击,以及对变量参数的更多支持等。