Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Owen Garrett

Job title : 产品管理高级总监
Company : F5
Owen Garrett

Owen is a senior member of the NGINX Product Management team, covering open source and commercial NGINX products. He holds a particular responsibility for microservices and Kubernetes‑centric solutions. He’s constantly amazed by the ingenuity of NGINX users and still learns of new ways to use NGINX with every discussion.

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在 Kubernetes 中部署应用交付服务(第 2 部分)

在这篇文章中,我们以 WAF 为例,为您提供了“在 Kubernetes 环境中可以在哪些地方部署应用服务”的相关指导。您可以根据自己的需求,以基于每个 Service 或基于每个 POD 的方式,将 WAF 部署在 Kubernetes 环境的“前门” 或 Ingress Controller上。

Global Server Load Balancing with NS1 and NGINX Plus

The NGINX agent for NS1 provides rich load and availability data to the NS1 global server load balancing service, for more agile and sophisticated DNS-based load balancing for sites and apps proxied by NGINX Plus at multiple locations. Our deployment guide provides complete instructions.

Sampling Requests with NGINX Conditional Logging

With NGINX conditional logging, you can log a subset of requests which have defined characteristics. This blog uses it to solve a real-world customer use case: the need to reject obsolete and insecure SSL/TLS ciphers without excluding legitimate users of legacy devices.