Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Scott De Buitléir

Job title : Content Marketing Manager
Company : F5
Scott De Buitléir

Scott De Buitléir is Content Marketing Manager at NGINX and serves to curate relevant, interesting, and useful material for the NGINX community. His background is a combination of journalism, broadcasting, and marketing, and is based at our EMEA offices in Cork, Ireland.

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实时 API:趋势和采用

APIs are playing an increasingly important role in digital transformation at enterprises, in every vertical and region. We review trends in API usage as reported by industry analyst IDC, and explain how NGINX solves the challenges that companies face in deploying and managing APIs.

关于 #NGINXConf 2019 的思考

Scott shares his perspective on NGINX Conf 2019, highlighting a key conference theme--the continuting evolution of applications to act like living organisms. He spotlights a favorite session about NGINX making a difference in the real world by helping Kenya fight its HIV epidemic.

向 DevOps 转型:NGINX 专家的建议

NGINX Global Solutions Architect and DevOps expert Kevin Jones provides practical advice on steps in your transition to DevOps: setting goals, choosing the right tools, fostering cross-functional communication, and measuring the success of your transition.

NGINX 百问百答 | 2019 年 6 月

In this installment of our "Ask NGINX" series, we explain how to install NGINX Plus offline on RHEL/CentOS systems, list currently supported Ubuntu releases, and answer questions about the future of NGINX open source projects now that we're part of F5.

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