Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Zach Westall

Job title : Product Marketing Manager
Company : F5
Zach Westall
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隆重推出 NGINX Plus R25

NGINX Plus R25通过 JWT、JWS 和 JWE 引入了更复杂的身份验证用例;对 HTTP 状态代码单独计数;使用上游服务器为 mTLS 动态加载证书;HTTP 请求处理安全性的强化;NGINX JavaScript 功能增强。

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R24

NGINX Plus R24 introduces support for encrypted JSON Web Tokens (JWE) and integration with F5 Device ID+. The NGINX JavaScript module reaches an important milestone with support for response filtering and use of HTTP-based authentication services for TCP/UDP connections.