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OpenDNS is a global security services company with 85 million users.


Securely serving Internet traffic around the globe to paying customers.


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OpenDNS is a security services company based on DNS trust and management. The company was purchased by Cisco in 2015, and now produces Umbrella, a service and software product which allows users to filter their Internet experience at the DNS level, blocking out phishing sites, pornography, and DDOS attacks.


OpenDNS has over 85 million users, worldwide. The company operates over 25 datacenters around the globe, and must maintain its service availability 24/7. This requires high performance systems that can handle heavy loads of traffic, and do so securely.

The key deliverable for OpenDNS is trusted, reliable Internet access via its software and DNS servers. Its internal systems also play a role in this transaction by keeping blocked site data entries up to date and secure, weeding out the bad parts of the Internet at the DNS layer.

As a growing company, OpenDNS required quick-to-learn solutions to its scaling problems. They required infrastructure software solutions that could work between datacenters, remain high performance, and wouldn’t require weeks or months of retraining for its internal IT teams.


Aram Grigoryan, Software Engineer at OpenDNS, said that, “We run a global cloud around the world, and we needed a technology which could help us scale quickly and actually handle the traffic we had. NGINX was a good candidate, we had heard a lot of good things about it, and it delivered.”

Currently, OpenDNS uses NGINX primarily for load balancing and Web serving, though they also uses other features. The speed and performance of NGINX in both of these categories is unmatched, said Grigoryan. The OpenDNS team was able to utilize their needed NGINX features quickly, as well.

I’ve had no trouble at all getting it to do exactly what I needed it to do. It’s been very easy to configure and work with. NGINX has come in and lightened the load on us as developers. The performance is excellent. It’s proven to be very scalable and performant. It’s meeting all of our needs right out of the box.
– Aram Grigoryan, Software Engineer at OpenDNS


NGINX is now an essential part of OpenDNS’ global infrastructure. With so many millions of users around the world relying on the OpenDNS platform for their security, it was important that the solution used be reliable and stable. Grigoryan said that NGINX has met both of these needs, and will remain a part of the company’s infrastructure plans far into the future.

About OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a global security company focused on building solutions around domain name systems and services. That means OpenDNS can offer DDOS protection, adult content filtering, and trust extension throughout the Internet via its services. Users simply add OpenDNS’ DNS servers to their network configuration, or install OpenDNS’ software, and they are automatically protected from dangerous sites on the Internet. OpenDNS responds to 100 billion DNS queries daily from 85 million users through 25 datacenters worldwide. The company was purchased by Cisco in 2015.