Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Since NGINX, Inc. was founded in 2011, our Professional Services team has helped some of the busiest websites in the world install, configure, and tune NGINX Plus. Now we’re introducing Professional Services packages that feature the types of service engagements our customers request most, so you can get the expert advice and assistance you need even faster.

And when we say expert, we mean it. The Professional Services team works directly with the developers who write and maintain NGINX and NGINX Plus. You get access to engineers who specialize in total application delivery, including load balancing, content caching, media streaming, and web serving.

The packages cover both new and existing deployments.

Quick Start Package

Designed for customers who are new to NGINX and NGINX Plus, this package includes expert assistance as you install, configure, and deploy NGINX Plus at your site for the first time. The Professional Services team reviews your requirements and works with you to develop an optimally tuned custom configuration.

Checkup Package

This package is for customers who want to fine tune an existing NGINX Plus environment or are upgrading from NGINX Open Source to NGINX Plus. The NGINX Professional Services team reviews your current configuration and operating system environment, and makes recommendations for optimizing your NGINX Plus configuration.

High Availability Package

This package is for customers who want to make their NGINX Plus environment highly available by deploying an active‑passive pair of NGINX fPlus instances using the solution (based on keepalived) that was introduced in NGINX Plus Release 6 (R6).

Getting Exactly the Help You Need

If the new packages don’t quite cover your situation, we are always happy to develop a custom service plan just for you. Either way, when you engage the NGINX Professional Services team you can be sure that your NGINX and NGINX Plus deployment is as good as it gets.

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Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson


Rick Nelson is the Manager of Pre‑Sales, with over 30 years of experience in technical and leadership roles at a variety of technology companies, including Riverbed Technology. From virtualization to load balancing to accelerating application delivery, Rick brings deep technical expertise and a proven approach to maximizing customer success.


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