Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

More and more enterprises are migrating their applications to the cloud, doubtless having noticed the phenomenal success of innovative startups like Airbnb, Netflix, and Uber. Those companies have fully exploited the cloud to catapult themselves from small challengers to category leaders in a few short years. Taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud to speed up their development processes, they’ve built amazing products and quickly captured tens of millions of users, an achievement that just a decade ago we would have expected only from large, established corporations with huge budgets.

Unfortunately, however, successfully migrating enterprise applications to the cloud is not easy. This process requires rearchitecting applications that have been built in a certain way for years, if not decades. To achieve business goals and stay competitive in today’s competitive global market, enterprises need to migrate to the cloud with a “Cloud‑plus‑DevOps” approach.


So far, enterprises have lacked a prescriptive industry specification to guide them as they move to the cloud. To help you with your migration, we’re offering a free excerpt from the O’Reilly book The Enterprise Cloud by James Bond. It’s a practical guide to deploying and migrating applications to environments that best utilize cloud resources. In the two excerpted chapters, “Deploying your Cloud” and “Application Transformation”, you’ll learn from an industry leader how to plan your long‑term cloud strategy, along with many tips, insider insights, and real‑world lessons about design, operations, security, and application transformation as you migrate to the cloud.

You’ll also learn why NGINX and NGINX Plus are key application delivery components for successfully building and deploying to the cloud. Our products offer many features to help you achieve flawless application delivery including advanced activity monitoring, customizable application‑aware health checks, an API for on‑the‑fly reconfiguration, and advanced load‑balancing algorithms. We are proud that our easily deployed, software‑based application delivery platform helps enterprises move their applications to the cloud. We hope you enjoy this ebook.

Download The Enterprise Cloud, published by O’Reilly Media, for free!

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