Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

We’re excited to announce that you can now purchase the NGINX Plus-based version of NGINX Ingress Controller, with and without NGINX App Protect, directly from AWS Marketplace for Containers. With this addition to the marketplace, we continue to strengthen our partnership with AWS, enabling you to deliver high‑performance, cloud‑native apps with ease.

NGINX offers two options for making your Kubernetes deployment production‑grade:

Check out this episode of AWS’s This is My Architecture video series to learn how NGINX Ingress Controller routes and protects traffic with the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), as well as how to use Infrastructure-as-Code with the Elastic Container Registry (ECR) to build an automated pipeline for application deployment and versioning.

Support Options

Our offerings are backed up by F5’s Kubernetes experts. You can choose from the following support tiers:

  • Premium Edition (24/7 support) – Recommended for large production deployments. Available for purchase via AWS or bring your own license (BYOL).
  • Standard Edition (9 a.m. – 5 p.m. support [customer time zone]) – Recommended for smaller production, development, and test deployments. Available with BYOL – contact us for details.

Learn More about NGINX on AWS

Review the sizing guide – Get an overview of the performance levels you can achieve on specific AWS instance types, along with the estimated monthly costs.
Attend the webinar – In Strengthen Security and Traffic Visibility on Amazon EKS with NGINX, we chat with Zipwhip’s principal architect to learn how the company achieved 99.99% uptime by moving to Kubernetes with NGINX Ingress Controller and AWS.
Watch demos – In this YouTube playlist, we show numerous ways to improve performance, resiliency, and security with NGINX on AWS.
Request a private offer – Save up to 20% annually by negotiating a custom price for NGINX Ingress Controller with NGINX App Protect. Contact us to learn more.
Try NGINX Plus on AWS – In addition to our new container offers, you can also purchase NGINX Plus (with and without NGINX App Protect) from the AWS Marketplace. Try it now for free.

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Manager, Product Marketing for NGINX


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