Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Liam Crilly

Job title : 产品管理高级总监
Company : F5
Liam Crilly
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将 NGINX 部署为 API 网关,第 1 部分

NGINX 和 NGINX Plus 先进的 HTTP 处理能力,使其成为构建 API 网关的理想平台。我们将在本文介绍 API 用例,展示如何配置 NGINX 以高效、可扩展且易于维护的方式处理它们,并提供完整的 NGINX 配置。

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R22

NGINX Plus R22 introduces new features including support for OCSP to verify certificate revocation for mutual TLS, use of multiple OIDC IdPs in a configuration, real-time tracking of request and connection limiting on the NGINX Plus dashboard, and NGINX JavaScript enhancements.

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R21

NGINX Plus R21 is more reliable and secure than ever, importing numerous bug fixes from NGINX Open Source. New variable support in gRPC proxying extends dynamic, API‑driven routing policies to gRPC workloads, and the NGINX JavaScript module has been enhanced, particularly with respect to subrequests.

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R20

NGINX Plus R20 builds on the enhancements made in R19 to rate limiting, adding real-time monitoring and logging; connection limiting now has the same features. We also added prefix matching in the key-value store, DNS resolution per upstream group, new PROXY Protocol variables, and improved security for HTTP/2.

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R19

NGINX Plus R19 extends our monitoring capabilities, both with a larger set of metrics and new ways to analyze them; adds a dry-run mode for testing the effect of rate limiting; enhances the key-value store to support IP address ranges; and makes rate limiting more dynamic.