Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Today, we announced some big changes to the products we make available at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. NGINX is one of the most commonly used platforms for HTTP applications on AWS, and NGINX Plus is the commercial version with a number of additional features to help you deliver and manage your AWS‑based applications, all backed by our NGINX, Inc. support team.

  • We’re delighted to announce a new annual pricing option for NGINX Plus on AWS.
  • A change in the hourly pricing structure brings down prices for larger instances of NGINX Plus.

New Prices for NGINX Plus on AWS Offer Savings, More Control, and Predictable Spend

We have made a couple of big changes to the pricing of NGINX Plus on AWS.

For NGINX Plus, we’ve rethought the hourly subscription prices. The cost of a standard subscription for NGINX Plus is the same no matter the size of the server on which you deploy it; we wanted to do the same on AWS, so we’ve introduced a single fixed price of $0.21 per hour. That means big price reductions for the larger instance sizes, but would have resulted in a price increase for our popular smaller instance sizes, so we’ve kept those at the same, great‑value rate. You can’t ask for something fairer than that!

The new annual subscriptions deliver cost savings over an annual period, and satisfy customers who prefer to pay on a yearly cycle.

Now you have more predictability and control to purchase NGINX Plus the way you want to – hourly (pay as you go) or annually.

Get NGINX Plus on AWS

Ready to give it a test drive? A 30‑day free trial makes it easy to get started with NGINX Plus on Amazon EC2. Furthermore, for the month of July 2014, start a free trial and receive $100 in AWS credits.

When you’re ready to buy, enjoy all the powerful capabilities of NGINX Plus for AWS and gain access to high‑quality technical support backed by core NGINX engineers and experts.

Visit our product listings on AWS Marketplace for more details:

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