Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R24

NGINX Plus R24 introduces support for encrypted JSON Web Tokens (JWE) and integration with F5 Device ID+. The NGINX JavaScript module reaches an important milestone with support for response filtering and use of HTTP-based authentication services for TCP/UDP connections.

NGINX Service Mesh 中的 mTLS 架构

较之单体架构的应用,微服务之间的东西向通信需要在网络上传输更多的数据。使用双向 TLS (mTLS) 加密并验证这些通信内容十分重要。这篇文章中,我们深入阐述了 NGINX Service Mesh 是如何实施 mTLS 的。

NGINX 是现代应用的性能基础

Our goal at NGINX has always been to provide the foundation our customers and community need to deliver modern apps. Based on Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs for humans, here we show how NGINX offerings satisfy an app's hierarchy of needs at multiple levels.