Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

NGINX Unit 2021 夏季更新

NGINX Unit 1.23.0 and 1.24.0 introduce support for the SNI extension to TLS, definition of OpenSSL configuration commands, MIME filtering and path restrictions for static content, and multiple Python scripts in one app. Also, you no longer need to modify Node.js apps to run them in Unit.

NGINX Unit 中的文件系统隔离

我们探索了 NGINX Unit 中文件系统隔离的两个用例。第一个用例将受感染的应用限制在其沙盒目录中,阻止攻击者获取敏感信息。第二个用例我们通过分别在不同的文件系统中定义全局依赖项,以在它们之间进行切换。