Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Artem Konev

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Artem Konev
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NGINX Unit 2021 夏季更新

NGINX Unit 1.23.0 and 1.24.0 introduce support for the SNI extension to TLS, definition of OpenSSL configuration commands, MIME filtering and path restrictions for static content, and multiple Python scripts in one app. Also, you no longer need to modify Node.js apps to run them in Unit.

NGINX Unit 中的文件系统隔离

我们探索了 NGINX Unit 中文件系统隔离的两个用例。第一个用例将受感染的应用限制在其沙盒目录中,阻止攻击者获取敏感信息。第二个用例我们通过分别在不同的文件系统中定义全局依赖项,以在它们之间进行切换。

NGINX Unit 2020 年秋季更新

Since our last update, the NGINX Unit team has released three versions, 1.19.0 through 1.21.0. New features include support for ASGI with Python, multi-threading with several languages (Java, Perl, Python, Ruby), regular expressions in routing conditions, and more.

NGINX Unit 1.16.0 推出耳熟能详的全新功能

NGINX Unit 1.16.0 introduces two new features that are already familiar to NGINX users. First, it can load balance across a group of upstream servers using the round-robin method. Second, you can define what happens when a requested file can't be served, similar to the NGINX 'try_files' directive.

使用 NGINX Unit 实施应用隔离

NGINX Unit 中的应用隔离让您可以控制哪些类型的系统资源可以和 NGINX Unit 共享,哪些可以彼此共享,并在隔离的环境中运行应用以提高安全性。阅读本文获取有关应用隔离如何工作的所有细节,以及它对 NGINX Unit 的未来意味着什么。

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