Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Kate Osborn

Job title : 软件工程师
Company : F5
Kate Osborn
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如何简化 Kubernetes 出入向流量管理

如果服务网格和 Ingress Controller 必须分开配置,这会使 Kubernetes 的环境更加复杂。在这个演示和博客中,我们展示了如何集成 NGINX Plus Ingress Controller 和 NGINX Service Mesh 来控制入口和出口 mTLS 流量。

如何借助 NGINX Service Mesh 实现流量分割

Traffic splitting is a valuable tool for app development, reducing the risk of outages during app upgrades. With NGINX Service Mesh, it takes less than 10 minutes to implement blue-green and canary deployments. Watch the video demo and check out our step-by-step tutorials.