Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Rob Whiteley

Job title : General Manager, NGINX Product Group
Company : F5
Rob Whiteley

Rob Whiteley serves as Chief Marketing Officer of NGINX. He has led marketing, product, and analyst teams for companies like Hedvig, Riverbed, and Forrester. Rob uses his experience working with enterprise IT and DevOps customers to deliver thought leadership and drive demand for modern IT infrastructure solutions.

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欢迎观看 NGINX Sprint China 线上大会回放

12 月 1 日,在一年一度的 NGINX Sprint China 2022 线上大会中了解最热的行业趋势以及 NGINX 的最新动态,并探索 NGINX 及其周边生态的使用案例、技术解析和运维实践,您还将有机会与 NGINX 官方团队、行业大咖以及社区中的开发者和技术爱好者共同探讨交流。

立即加入 NGINX Sprint 2020

Save the dates for NGINX Sprint 2020, our virtual user event coming September 15–17. Join us Day 1 for product news, customer stories, and insights from a surprise guest. Day 2 we demo how to build an app infrastructure in just 90 minutes. Day 3 we select the winner of our NGINX for Good Hackathon – it could be you!

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