Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

保护实时 API 的重要性

A combination of factors makes APIs rich targets for security attacks. We discuss methods for securing APIs throughout their lifecycle, from design and development through delivery, using WAFs, bot protection, API management tools, and API gateways.

立即加入 NGINX Sprint 2020

Save the dates for NGINX Sprint 2020, our virtual user event coming September 15–17. Join us Day 1 for product news, customer stories, and insights from a surprise guest. Day 2 we demo how to build an app infrastructure in just 90 minutes. Day 3 we select the winner of our NGINX for Good Hackathon – it could be you!

有关 CEO 考虑收购方面的 3 个技巧

On the one-year anniversary of NGINX's acquisition by F5, Gus Robertson, SVP and GM of NGINX at F5, offers three tips to CEOs of startups that might be acquired: make the deal a win for employees, not just investors; be critical to the future of the acquirer; and keep in mind that culture is key.

隆重推出 NGINX Plus R22

NGINX Plus R22 introduces new features including support for OCSP to verify certificate revocation for mutual TLS, use of multiple OIDC IdPs in a configuration, real-time tracking of request and connection limiting on the NGINX Plus dashboard, and NGINX JavaScript enhancements.


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